5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Get Insured

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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever assume in this world. It involves everything that you got just to keep your income stable, your house intact, your children well-educated well and yourself being in good condition – not to mention all the other personal problems and differences that you and your spouse might encounter. With that being said, it’s indeed a chapter that we all must handle. But despite all of these conditions to maintain, we also cannot deny the fact that being a parent is one of the greatest bliss and the most rewarding job you could have in this world.


It’s indeed very nice to run your own family, have your kids and enjoy the rest of your life with your wife. Though ups and downs might come across your times, the odds of succeeding it together with your family will always be the best feeling in this world. All we need to do is to secure the future of our family. When talking about the security of a family, the first thing that comes to our mind is financial security. And no other option could be better than transferring such unforeseen risks to well-financed institutions with the help of an insurance plan.

Insurance, as what we’re always saying, is your best ally when it comes to preparing your family or yourself against unprecedented expenses. It narrows down your out-of-pocket costs to an amount that you are able to pay. But for some families, insurance is nothing but a burden. If you’re one of these families, then maybe you’re looking at it in a  wrong perspective.

Insurance policies aim to aid you in times of need. This means that you must not expect that an insurance policy will become some form of an investment that gives certain returns. They exist to help mitigate the cost of the catastrophe that your family might encounter, making them responsible for a portion of an amount to be given to you.  By all the wrong reasons, this thought is what drives other families to not choose to apply for one and suffer the consequences when the unexpected finally happens. Death of a family member, fire accident, emergency hospitalizations and many more are not too far from a world full of surprises. If the drawback of application is on thinking that it wouldn’t be used anyway, you’re assuming that you’re living in a world of certainty – and that’s extremely harmful in projecting the risk and how susceptible your family could be to such risks.

This clearly explains why a lot of families in the U.S. don’t own an insurance policy, unless mandated. They think that it’s just an additional expense and such money you pay for them could be used for a few other commodities; not equally thinking that these small portions of amounts can change their lives. With that being said, the need for your family to secure an insurance policy is a must, especially during these times that the healthcare cost is spiking and the global risks are at surge.

There are a lot of insurance policies that your family could avail of. One of it, and is very important, is the one mentioned above – the healthcare insurance. Other insurance applicable for your family are the car insurance, property insurance, the different retirement policies and many more. Indeed, this can improve your way of living and pulls a thorn out of you.

  • Risk will always be there.  Insurance pays off the risk in advance.
  • All families in this world are subject to vulnerabilities and erratic patterns of the different issues. This simply means that all of us are subject to risks. If the breadwinner of your family was fazed with an accident or your house got flooded, that’s an incalculable risk worth reckoning even before they happen. It’s not being pessimistic. It’s about thinking that we will always get the risk no matter what. They just change in form and variation. And because of that, insurance tend to pay off the risk, so much so that by the time you will need it, it will free you from financial woes and getting trapped into debt.

  • It covers a wide range of claims based on the policy applied for. 
  • One of the best things about insurance policies is that they cover a wide range of claims. You can have business insurance, life insurance, health insurance, automobile and many others. And this is particularly important because it gives you wide range of option  that is very specific in the kind of need you would want to protect. If you think that your car has to be secured over others, then you can have that kind of option. But there are also other insurance premiums that cover things in a larger scope. You can also opt for them. You simply just have to be careful that your insurance coverage are not lapsing from one premium into another.

  • It’s an extension of your care and accountability for your family. You can even leave inheritance. 
  • Insurance is an extension of your liability. It’s about your ability to be accountable of whatever happens in your family. Indeed, under life insurance, you can secure the future of your family further by naming your beneficiaries. This means that whatever may happen, their future is already compartmentalized because you have already paid for it.

  • Insurance helps you to be in control 0f your finances. 
  • The good thing about insurance is that it’s something that is in our control. Uncertainties in life are way beyond our control, that’s why we need to have an insurance premium. And we all know that the reason behind why people get trapped in debt is because they lose their financial control when the need already arises. A single unfortunate event could already trap an entire family into debt. Because of that, take the opportunity to be in control of your finances before the need actually arises. Save up for it while you could still pay for it because sometimes, you just can’t have it even if you already wanted it.

  • Insurance entitles you to reasonable tax deductions and peace of mind. 
  • Insurance gives you financial security. But more than what’s easily addressed, insurance policies entitle you to substantial tax cuts. In health payments for example, big amounts of tax deductions will be paid by the insurance company. But this shouldn’t be the motivation behind the purchase of an insurance plan. It should be about the risk management of the family. This then will give you a peace of mind and when mitigate the emotional stress when the uncertainty already takes in.

    Just remember that just like any money matters, the need to examine what your family really needs is a very important factor. Don’t just apply for those policies if you yourself knew that you’ll have a very little chance of using it. Stop chasing as well those insurance policies that only leads you to more debt, such as credit card insurance. Even a single penny will be worth it in due time so make sure that you’re picking up on the right policies.

    If you want to know more about the different kinds of insurance premiums applicable for your family, you can check our recent articles. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find something valuable in there and that will also help you in  assessing yourself  and your position in that specific need for insurnace. So make up your mind and start ensuring your family.