A Review of Obamacare Funding

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The pursuit of the administration to meet the deadlines of the upcoming amendment of the Affordable Care Act had its ups and downs but they are confident that the Republicans’ attempt to repeal it won’t succeed.

The Republicans have never reconciled themselves in opposing the so-called Obamacare. They’ve voted to repeal it for 40 times, but all of these attempts failed. With the steady pace that they are experiencing right now, the administration are making every possible means to properly implement it to avoid Max Baucus’ vision of it as a “huge train wreck coming”.

Creative Commons LaDawna's Flickr

Creative Commons LaDawna’s Flickr

The basic solution upon this “Obamacare train wreck badwagon” is simple – it needs more funding. With this solution, opposing party criticized the Democrats for always believing that the way to solve every problem they face is by throwing more of the taxpayers’ money. With these, the democrats are challenged to prove that the Obamacare is not a means of wasting money, but in fact is a means to put that money into good use.

The Department of Health and Human Services is about to hire a number of “Navigators” which will be the ones responsible to inform the Americans about the subsidized insurance. These Navigators will be guided by the new Federal Data Hub, which will give them access to the personal information compiled by federal agencies. With their crucial task in the success of this Health Care Reform Act, the administration had decided to allocate a total of $54 million for them, just to ensure that the public is well-informed. This fund will comprise the Navigators’ upcoming task and their formal training.

Another concern that needs funding is on the security of Obamacare. The Equifax Workforce, along with other large companies, were hired by the government to keep an eye on the security of Obamacare. They are tasked to monitor the verification of the incomes of those who will apply for these insurance subsidies and to provide information that is more current than what is available on the federal income tax returns. The agency shall provide the information in real time, which means that it updates automatically within seconds of the receiving a query from the federal government. With these, the consumers will be ensured that they’ll get the health care and tax credits that they are entitled to.

So much for the funding of these safety nets, the administrations greatest task is prove to the people that what they must be concerned of should not be about the cost of the insurance, but on the health care improvements that it will introduce. If the law would be successful, it will allow almost 30 million American citizens to afford an insurance plan compatible with them.

Now, the plan of the Republicans are aimed on defunding the said act. But with the presence of the caricatures, the once unpopular Obamacare might convince them to embrace it. Despite the possibility that Obamacare might be a bad law, the current standing of it doesn’t call for a shutdown. The damages are too risky. It will hurt both parties having the greater damage posed towards the Republicans.

Here is a helpful article that tackles the issue of defunding risks. (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-26/drop-the-disastrous-plan-to-defund-obamacare.html).