How much is car insurance for a 16 year old?

Have you wondered: how much is auto insurance for a 16 year old? We will try to provide the answer you can use in this short article. It is important for a teen driver to be familiar with his car insurance policy and at the same time understand when it is possible to file for an auto insurance claim or when it is best to just pay for it yourself.

One of the biggest challenges for parents handing over a pair of car keys to their teen driver is not the car purchase itself but finding a reputable insurance company to provide reasonable insurance rates.

It is common knowledge that teenagers are hardest to insure and this is due to the decades of insurance fraud suffered by insurers from reckless teen drivers filing all kinds of claims from missing bumper stickers to broken cup holders. Of course I am joking here but you understand the point… some things should not be filed and just taken care of your self.

16 Year Old Car Insurance Tips

If you as a parent would like to safeguard your child’s insurance history, particularly for a 16 year old teenafer, auto insurance is a serious consideration that needs to be introduced to them. Becoming a good insurance candidate is about building a pattern of good behavior and responsible driver’s etiquette that the insurance company can see, thus establishing a good driving record.  Since your child has very little to no history that would be the basis of his insurance qualification, most insurers will look to the parent or guardian’s background to check if the teenager is fit for auto insurance.

How much is car insurance for a 16 year old?

Your credit history matters

It is customary for many insurance companies to take a full view of your credit history for the last ten years when qualifying a child for auto insurance. Insurance companies work off the principle of your financial ability to keep up with your child’s insurance payments, as they are not in a legally obligated state to honor the payment process just yet.

Insurance payments will be reviewed

Your insurance payment movements will be reviewed and former insurers will be request a payment schedule to see if you have ever missed on insurance payments and how often. Another consideration is if you have cancelled on an insurance agreement abruptly. Insurance companies don’t like fluke sign ups and frown on applicants who are fickle when it comes to their insurance preferences.

Do you have charges against you?

Another important part of the insurance check is your legal history related to driving and driver’s safety compliance. Insurers will check for police records on any driving related felony charges, their degree and the number of counts you have been convicted.

If you are a good student you can get a good student discount – so it’s worth keeping those marks up.

Most of the time, charges such as DUIs and DUI misdemeanors are deal breakers, or are enough to jack up the insurance price of up to 50 %.

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