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Cheap Student Car InsuranceFor a lot of parents getting car insurance for their teenager is a priority. The problem with this is that teenagers are candidates for a high insurance premium because they fall into the  high-risk insurance bracket, making qualifying for cheap student car insurance next to impossible. Next to impossible meaning, although difficult you can still find affordable insurance options for your teen if you are smart about how you approach it. Qualifying for cheap student car insurance isn’t just about the car your son or daughter will be driving but is as also dependent on your insurance coverage, credit score and arrest history.

Cheap Student Car Insurance Tips

Your financial background is critical – one of the biggest considerations that insurance companies will draw from when qualifying your child for cheap student car insurance is your viability for financial coverage and up-to-date payments. Insurance companies will look into your insurance coverage (as well as your spouse’s) and check on your promptness to renew, if there are any missed payment premiums, the kind of insurance packages you sign up for and if you have been denied of insurance coverage in the past. If you have had insurance problems or have ran into some renewal challenges then you can expect the premium set for your teen to be higher than normal.

History is everything – your claims history will dictate the viability of your child to qualify for cheap student car insurance. Insurance companies will look into claims behavior of parents when investigating the insurance appropriation for a minor.

If parents exhibit erratic and sub-par insurance claims such as filing for repair costs on minor car adjustments and more than three occurrences of claims for duration of three years, the premium set will be much higher.

Insurance companies justify this under the premise that minors will get their insurance claims practices from examples set by their primary insurers and increase the likelihood of reimbursement claims from the insurance claimant.

Male or Female: there is a double standard – As frustrating as this sounds, men can thank their predecessors for three decades worth of insurance history that has solidified the qualifying standard in paying a premium. Studies have conclusively shown the male demographic as significantly leading in vehicular related accidents and males below the age of 21 as the highest demographic claimant for accident related car insurance claims. This means that if your son is a first time driver, and is below the legal age of licensing there is an almost sure likelihood that they won’t qualify for cheap student car insurance and will incur a premium 50% higher than if they were a girl.

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