How much is car insurance for a 19 year old?

Ever wondered how much car insurance is for a 19 year old? You are still a young and inexperienced driver and the peace of mind car insurance can give you is worth the price. 

One of the considerations for driving at this age is the importance of ensuring that your teen is safe against accidents and vehicular mishaps that he might face. The question of insurance comes into play, what kind of insurance policy does a 19 year old driver need? Is it absolutely necessary to get safety and driving insurance at this stage? One can infer that to a 19 year old driver, car insurance tips are like the tomato sauce that makes a good pizza – it’s an essential ingredient.

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How much is car insurance for a 19 year old?

What you need to know about 25 below car insurance policies

For a 19 year old, being a young driver, your auto insurance rates will depend on gender and driving experience. For first-time young drivers, the premium you have to pay will be slightly higher than someone who has been driving with a student permit since 17.

Car insurance rates for 19 year old male

Your gender will also be a determining factor for your insurance payout, with males having a higher premium cut versus females. So, if you are a 19 year old male driver, chances are your premium for driving insurance will cost roughly about 50% more than a female.

Is it unfair females pay less?

One might think that this is a tad unfair but because of accident history and statistics pointing to this demographic as the highest risk for insurance claims this is much the same for all insurance providers. As they say “it is what it is” – perhaps unfair but the way it is. Studies and previous history has shown that drivers (male or female) under the age of 21 have a higher business risk for the insurance company. This data is backed up by two decades worth of accident and claims profiling, where inexperienced drivers ranked as having the highest occurrence for road accidents.

A typical 19-year-old male will pay $2,627 for a policy (source:

Car insurance rates for 19 year old female

So what about the females? Well, as mentioned you insurance premiums will cost approximately 20-50% less than the average male driver. Cool, isn’t it? The average female will pay $2,371 for a car insurance policy (source:

How to get cheap car insurance policy at 19 years old

One of the more effective ways of getting a steal on car insurance at 19 is:

  1. to make sure that your vehicle is up to code
  2. has no outstanding repairs or potential accident clusters.

For a 19 year old, auto insurance will not be an easy thing to deal with on that. Newer, better and more dependable cars are more expensive, so either way, you may need to pay up at some point.

Car insurance and auto insurance are the SAME thing, so no need to get confused!

You can get in touch with an insurance appraiser to estimate the insurability of your vehicle so you can have a better idea about it. Claiming for repairs is also another way of putting your teen car insurance in jeopardy, so avoid doing that.

When NOT to make a car insurance claim

Expert tip: When it comes to repairs, as a rule of thumb anything that would cost less than a thousand dollars ($1000) should be left to the expense of your own pocket.

Since you still fall in the high insurance risk category, if you seek out reimbursement for minor repairs you will notice your insurance premiums skyrocketing once you renew it.

Expert tip: keep your grades up

If you get good grades you can get a good student discount. The insurers reckon that if you are a good student you are likely more responsible and therefore less risk.

A 3.0 or higher GPA will usually get you 10 or 20 percent deducted from your regular car-insurance premiums.

Not even just state to state, rates can vary drastically by town or even neighborhood.

Choosing a major car insurance company versus a local small insurance company?

Local and small means you will pay a premium for their insurance. They will sell you on things like “quality of care, speed of claims handling” etc etc. Those are great things,  but they are NOT what you need when a teen. You want coverage and you want the best price.

The national carriers are the only ones who can compete on price to the lowest level.

Check your local places but realize that you pay them a commission on top of your premium (though it will be hidden). When you buy directly from a big brand like Geico, esurance or Progressive, you skip the middle man.

Factors affecting a car insurance policy

marital statuseducation
vehicle usage
genderaccidentscurrent insurance status
agelease, fully owned, financedlength of time licensed
vehicleoccupationlease, fully owned, financed coverage
locationprevious claimslimits

Car insurance companies for young drivers

No secret here that all the big brands work with young drivers. Fill in our quote form to compare quotes.

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