How to save money and get ahead financially

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So in this blog I look at ways that you can save those pennies and dimes and get ahead with your finances.

Use the big sales to get discounts on expensive, large products

So you need to purchase big items like a new bed base, mattress, TV or lawnmower? Well a good tip is to plan your purchase of these items around the big sales. For example, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday etc. Think about it, these are big tickets items that retails for $500+ so a saving of 20 or 30 percent put $100 plus back in your pocket!

Use a bank account that automatically saves cents

A no brainer. Use a bank account or an app that rounds off your purchase to the nearest whole number and saves the rest. This is saving on auto pilot.

For example a bag of chips might cost $0.78, so the app or account will automatically save 22 cents. If you add up all those small purchases across a year it can amount to a couple of hundred dollars, and these small amounts are something you are not going to miss. Easier than making a conscious effort to save $50 a month.

Put a spreadsheet together

Create a spreadsheet and put in any money you set aside in it. Tracking is a great way to keep track of things. Knowledge is power, as they say.

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Grow the savings by investing

The next time is to put your money in to an instrument that tracks the S & P or the Nasdaq. This will help your money grow more than using a savings account.

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