What You Should Know About Motorbike Insurance

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There are tons of vehicles available out there that each of us would want to own one. Not only is it rewarding to be able to purchase one, but also having a vehicle nowadays is a practical way to spend your money. Well, who does not want to escape the tiresome routine of commuting towards your work every day?

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of vehicles and it certainly varies according to the type of transportation that we wanted depending on how we can use it. You might choose to buy a car if you have your family with you, van if you wanted to scale up your business or even a motorbike which is more flexible for everyday venture. The latter will be our concern in today’s article.


Just like any other kinds of vehicle, you can also have it insured. There are risk mitigation policies for almost any type of vehicle in the market. Although it falls under the category of vehicle insurance, there still are comparable differences, i.e. the proximity to risks.

First, unlike other vehicle insurance, a motorbike insurance isn’t that expensive. You should be able to insure it for the cost of around 30 to 60 dollars a month compared to the hundreds that you will be spending towards a car insurance. This is due to the fact that motorbikes are generally cheaper than cars and can do less damage. But just like a car insurance, this is also be subject to a case-to-case basis.

The rate of a motorbike insurance is determined by the type that you own, how you use it and many other important factors or considerations that must be taken into proper account. So if you are deciding to buy one, read these few facts about it so that you will be more knowledgeable on how to manage your motorbike insurance.

For most of the time, liability insurance is what most of the motorists need in order to protect themselves and meet the insurance buying obligation. It pays a benefit related to your liability in relation to the accident that you encounter. Now, the downside with it is that it will not pay to get your bike fixed.  But it’s much lower compared to a motorbike insurance. If you feel the gravity of its importance somehow, then you can apply for such policy. The only difference it has with a liability insurance is that having a motorbike insurance allows you to be able to fix your motorbike. This is best for you if you really value your motorbike and you wanted to insure the risks that surround it.

Just like any other insurance coverage, you also have to pay premiums for it. This suggests that the bigger the coverage you apply for, the more expensive it becomes. Now you can choose to pay for it on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The policy also depends on your age and gender and the type of motorbike you own. Compared to others, a motorbike insurance is more personalized, judging from the fact that claims tend to be run by fellow motorcyclists.

Also, one important factor to look at if you’re planning to have it insured is to know if you are residing in a “no-fault state“. If you’re in a no-fault state, you are excluded from the insurance coverage over those motorists who do not live on a no-fault state. Knowing this requirement can indeed influence the insurance rates. So better ask the insurance agent about cases like this to avoid any future problems. They will tell you of the other options that you have.

And that’s the thing you need to know about a motorbike insurance. Remember, just like any other vehicle insurance, the best way to avoid such risks is to always practice the means to drive safely.