Rare Insurance Premiums You Wouldn’t Expect to Exist

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An insurance exists to mitigate any out-of-pocket expenses that you might incur in the future if a risk happens. As such, as long as there’s a measurable risk, the likelihood of the existence of an insurance policy to cover such risk is high. Coupled with the recent advancements of today, there is really a pool of insurance policies that work fit in almost any kind of risk . And it’s more of an advantage for the company since the more options the people would have for insurance, the more money will be flooding towards them. But the fact is, the light is not about which gains more over the other. It’s about safeguarding eventualities at the moment when things are still under our control.

We live in today’s age when celebrities have their own unique collections. These people can definitely insure their body parts. Whether it be weird or plain stupid, the judgment is not ours. Their bodies are their products and that’s how they make money. Thus, it’s just practical for them to have it insured. By the way, they only insure those body parts when it is very crucial to their popularity and performance.

This leads us questioning about the extents of insurance coverage. In case of an alien invasion or apocalypse, will insurance still be there in the rescue? The rare reality is, it’s true. Cases like that can also be insured and truth is, there other rare type of insurances out there that you simply can’t believe exists might even be weirder than an alien abduction insurance. All it needs is a proof of their experience and the policy is very much redeemable. But there are those as well that are left unnoticed. Unknowingly, they do exist.

Here, we have gathered a few of these insurance policies that you never heard of or uncommon  in the market. This is then up to you to decide if you wanted to avail one.

  • Insurance against the fear of supernaturals

As crazy as it may seem, this kind of policy which will insure us from any supernatural cases is present nowadays. With all the hype about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches and the like, it’s no wonder that these fanatics or just those who are blinded by such occult practices may find this practical for them. These policies can be procured easily, and are redeemable in the event of an attack by these creatures of the dark. The family of the victim just have to simply provide an evidence that that the person is indeed killed by any of these supernaturals.

  • Insurance for your Garden

We all know that gardens are very precious to people with green thumb. Indeed, in United Kingdom alone, 1/3 of the people spend more money in this area in their home compared to other areas in the house. These kinds of people really spare their efforts just to bring their gardens to perfection. But are you aware that garden is one of those properties that can be insured? They cover plants, equipment, children toys, seeds and other parts. Patios, outbuildings, sheds, walls, fences and gates are normally covered for damage under your insurance policy.

  • Insurance against the end of the world

This has indeed left people on the edge of their seats when the threat seemingly blanketed the world before its predicted end last December 12, 2012. This fear of the eradication of the earth led to a lot of people insuring themselves on this regard. Such suspicious mindset have the policy for their protection in the event that the world might really end. Such policy can also be related to an asteroid insurance, alien abduction and the like to protect them in the case of sudden unpredictable acts of the space.

  • Insurance of your wedding party

This one can be scraped with the weird factor, but such an insurance policy is really uncommon. This policy will be able to procure any awry events in your wedding. Well, let’s face the fact that weddings are costly. And when the groom or bride decides to not show up on such auspicious day, such money will be wasted. This is where the insurance coverage takes in place. Some policies also take care of the psychological trauma that the eluded party experiences and covers any counseling they may need to overcome embarrassment.

  • Insurance against flight tragedy

This insurance covers those that may happen in the event of a plane crash happen in order to provide assistance to the family of the deceased policyholder. Compared to other policies, this one is a bit odd considering the fact that the chances of dying can happen anywhere and anytime and you’re better off with your life and health insurance. But this is getting increasingly more popular nowadays given that more people see the importance of this. It will really be of lesser burden if you have already insured yourself first before such tragedy happens. In such way, a transfer of body to the family’s place is already insured and prioritized by the insuring company.

  • Insurance against unexpected delivery of more than expected number of kids

Yes, you can insure cases like this if your wife delivers more than the number of kids expected. This can greatly aid those that are expecting twins but suddenly got a triplets or a quadruplets. Well, for such unanticipated good news, one might need a stable financial security to take good care of them.

And these are the few uncommon insurance policies you may never thought  existed or might never have heard of. We’re just laying it down for you in case when you need one.