Top 10 Rules to Avoid Car Accidents

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It sure feels awesome to kick your car at full throttle as you drive along the lane in a fast and furious speed. But unlike Vin Diesel, you’re no actor and there’s no camera following you, unless some surveillance cameras in the streets would catch you for over speeding. But the real risk with such adventure isn’t really about you getting caught by the police. It’s the likelihood of a car accident that can give us the chills of even trying it in the first place.

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Car accidents are very rampant in every niche of the world simply because of the fact that a lot of us do drive recklessly. As a result, you’ll surely have your fair share of injuries, property losses and even deaths. Well it is also a fact that car insurance is made for the purpose of risks like this. But isn’t it much better to not have one of those traumatic accidents?

To enlighten you about the different ways to avoid these incidents in the streets, we have come up with 10 rules that will surely help you to still have all of your body parts intact.

Rule #1: Cultivate an attitude towards proper driving.

A lot of accidents that happen nowadays are results of attitude and maturity – the main reason why teens meet car accidents. Both of these issues must be resolved. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll be responsible enough. Always remember that a car weighs about 3000 pounds and add that to the passengers you have with you. I’m pretty sure that you don’t want the worst to happen.

Rule #2: Have as much supervised practice in driving if possible.

Have a proper training so that you’ll master the tricks and tips in driving. You can do this in different driving schools near you. Make a firm schedule and stick with it. Discipline yourself and keep it up until you can say to yourself that you’re good enough. Constantly ask for pieces of advice from those who have an ample amount of experience on driving.

Rule #3: Always check your car before you decide to drive it.

Before starting up the engine, make sure that the car is in the right condition. Make sure that the warning lights are off such as the gas line, engine coolant, and engine light. Also, check your tire lines for any irregularities, i.e. flat tire issues. These simple checking is very much important to avoid future accidents so always remember to pull prevention schemes of any future accident.

Rule #4: Avoid driving during poor weather conditions and be extra careful if cases arise.

Driving in a dry pavement is very different from driving in a wet one. If the weather forecast is bad, try not to drive if there’s nothing important going on. If the need arises, be attentive and drive surely and safely. Don’t ever hesitate to stop and seek for shelter if the condition worsens.

Rule #5: Always be attentive around your line of eyesight.

Use the so called “peripheral vision” – having a watchful eye within your line of sight at once. Don’t just roll your eyeballs around what’s in front of you. Look at what’s ahead of the car ahead of you. This will surely increase your chance of anticipating a problem and longer time to react on it.

Rule #6: Always remember that cellphones aren’t your best companions when driving.

Tweaking your cellphones is one of the worst habit when driving. It’s indeed a no-no because your brain can’t serve two masters at the same time. Well, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring a cellphone while driving. But try to avoid picking it up as much as possible. Use it with great care during emergency situations. If possible, pull over if you have to answer a call.

Rule #7: Limit the habit of driving during late nights.

According to a study, the risk of having a fatal crash is 3 times higher during late nights than in the day for every mile driven. Better avoid night time driving if you aren’t still comfortable driving during day time. If the need arises, always keep your lights on, and make us of your signal lights. Also observe for road signs attentive because chances are you might slip a peek on it.

Rule #8: Make sure that you are in your sane mind when driving.

Avoid having even a minute trace of alcohol in your system while driving. These minute amounts can surely alter your ability in driving safely. Also avoid driving when you’re in an extreme emotional state. And lastly, don’t ever drive if there are traces of illegal drugs in your system. It’s a very big NO-NO.

Rule #9: Beware of blind spots when changing lanes.

Always pay attention on your blind spots when driving by using the aid of your side mirrors and rear view mirrors. Adjust it at a position where you can generate a seamless panoramic view around your car. But then, don’t solely rely on these mirrors. Care to look directly onto the lanes to avoid missing something undetected by your mirrors. Also, try to consider the blind spots of other drivers around you.

Rule #10: Know what kind of car you are driving.

Pay attention to your car’s capabilities and limits. Doing so will truly give you an advantage of being able to maneuver it properly. Take note of its limits. How much time does it take to stop when you apply maximum pressure? How much grip do your tires have? How is its velocity reaction? Consider those important things.

And these are the rules to avoid car accidents! It’s indeed true that driving a vehicle puts your feet between life and death. And with it, you can never tell when can accidents happen. Fortune-telling is indeed out of our hands but controlling the variables of these risks are very much under our responsibilities. So take note of these rules and drive safely. Consider taking out car insurance.

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