Top 5 Giant Insurance Companies of the World

All throughout the world, the existence of business is the mere means of every country to gain profit and progress. They serve as the neutral grounds wherever it might be situated. As such, the need to keep it intact at all situations is one of the state’s heaviest task and only those who stood through time are the ones capable of enduring such aftershocks.

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The greatest battle that the business industry has ever faced as of the moment was the very notable financial crisis of 2009. Such crisis had made every company suffer the ups and downs of a system. With all of the troubles seen in the fluctuating and recessing market, one of the most affected sector was the financial industry, where the insurance industry is a part of.

It is indeed hard for these companies to maintain the rate of growth even before the recession. How much could they suffer more during such recession? For all the reasons that we could think of, this industry is one of the strongest industries to survive the haze of the financial crunch. And to topple that up, those remaining industries are on the top of the chain right now. Insurance is a matter of trust and that’s what they’ve kept on nurturing towards their policyholders that helped them survive such recession.

This is why we’re going to give you a list of the 5 giant companies who have remained stiff and are now some of the financial giants of the world. Transferring your risks to these financial companies that have a fair amount of share in the stock market will indeed assure us that our money is worth it. Therefore, it’s best to mention who these companies are that do have a large share in the market nowadays and are the world leaders in the field.

AXA Group from France.

Market Value: $66.12 billion

Many people, most especially financially fit and conscious individuals, know that this company is one of the most steady and trusted ones in the financial industry, even if it only existed by 2000’s. Coupled with strategic and good risk management, this company has managed to become one of the world’s greatest key players having a large market value. As of today, AXA holds a lot of policies in diverse geographies with their operations concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia.

Allianz Worldwide from Germany

Market Value: $65.55 billion

It seems that Germany has the upper hand in having one of the greatest insurance companies in the world. The Allianz Group is a leading provider of integrated services throughout the financial realm. It has about 155,000 employees ready to serve a total of 75 million customers in about 70 countries. Well, with that statistics alone, it’s safe to say that this company is one of the world’s giants along with its high customer satisfaction rate and institutional transparency ratings.

Manulife Financial from Canada

Market Value: $50.52 billion

Being Canada’s leading financial services group, Manulife has managed to serve more customers throughout the world. It has served millions of customers in about 22 countries and territories around the world particularly in Canada, the United States and Asia. Their products are mainly concentrated on individual life insurance, group life and health insurance, long term care services, pension products, annuities, mutual funds and banking products.

Prudential Financial from the United States

Market Value: $39.70 billion

You’ve also probably heard of this name because of its worldwide popularity. And the dire chances are, almost all of the people you know have already decided to apply for a policy in this gigantic company. Prudential Financial, Inc. is one of the leading financial firms in the world with approximately$580 billion assets under management at June 30 of 2009. It has concentrated its operation in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Also, this company is the one trusted by a lot of Americans when it comes to Life insurance.

Aviva from the United Kingdom

Market Value: $33.10 billion

Aviva is UK’s biggest and most trusted financial institution to date. It’s one of the best providers of products for life and pension in Europe and is establishing a long-term savings business in Asia and the United States. Their main activities are concentrated on long-term savings, fund management and general insurance.

These companies can definitely affect the way the economic world works. A single anomaly they would face could shake millions of people all over the world. But given their position right now, they’re the most reliable institutions all proven their worth across the times. So if you’re already planning or have decided to apply for an insurance policy, better choose one of these insurance giants.